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Sub-Ready for the Year! 

If you’re like me, you hate making sub-plans. You’ve also probably pushed through an illness just to avoid making a substitute lesson plan. Over my years of teaching I have tried many different methods for my sub plans, some have been mediocre and others have failed. 

For this upcoming school year, I decided I would tackle this elephant in the room head on. Of course there are so many different reasons a teacher may need sub plans ready to go at any given moment. As for me, not only do I have children, who will inevitably have a sick day or two, I also suffer from debilitating migraines. So having sub plans ready is an absolute must for me. 

I’ve come to realize that the more simplified sub-plans are the more successful they will be. If you think about it, most subs will come into the classroom and have to deal with students right away. A substitute doesn’t have time to read through pages and pages of detailed notes and lesson plans. 

My “read first” simplified instructions to get the sub started in a flash.
With that in mind, I put together a sub plan system that will be effective for the entire school year. It will just take an hour or so to put together and you’re set for the year! 

What you’ll need: my Sub Tub Organizer Freebie found here, box or storage crate, 3″ binder, page protectors, page dividers, no-prep worksheets for the year (about 5-10 pages per month), read alouds, and whole group games like Bingo.  For the worksheets I used a bundle from the Moffat Girls for Kindergarten found here

First, follow the instructions in the Sub Tub Organizer to put together your binder and label your “tub”. Then print out master copies of all suitable worksheets for the year. As stated previously, I like to print about 5-10 worksheets per month. Use the generic lesson plan template to make general plans and instructions.  Your substitute teacher will have the freedom to choose the worksheets your class will do according to the corrsponding month. I also include read alouds with CDs and whole group Bingo games in the sub Tub. 

What better way to start your school year off right than to leave behind the stress of making sub-plans at the last minute? So, get that Sub Tub   done. 

I hope you found this post helpful. I’d love to hear your comments or suggestions about how you handle sub plans. Don’t forget to tag me on social media @thehappyteacherspalete if you use and post my Sub Tub Organizer. 

Click on the pic below to grab this freebie in my TPT store.




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