DIY Adorable Frames for the Classroom

It’s summertime, which for me means that I can actually accomplish some of those extra little things that I want done for my classroom. My goal this year is to try and make the classroom as light and bright as possible. One of the little projects I worked on was making some motivational posters for the classroom, found here

If you follow me on Instagram you know that I post a ton of quotes, so I wanted to bring that same motivation out of my phone and onto the walls of my classroom. One day while scrolling through IG, I saw that a brilliant teacher had framed her motivational posters in brightly colored frames for her room and I fell in love. However, I knew that a trip to Hobby Lobby, Michaels, or Target for cute frames would make a dent in my wallet. That got me thinking, how can I make these frames myself? Of course I am not a carpenter, so wood was out of the question. So what’s the next best thing to wood? Foam board! For only a couple dollars and a few materials you can make adorable frames for your class. 

What you’ll need:

foam board (I made two frames per foam board)

exacto knife (not your husband’s old box cutter like I used)


frame template (you can make your own or use this frame template to help you)

paint (acrylic or crafters paint)

paint brush or foam brush 

sand paper (or a nail file because that’s what I had)

tape (not pictured, but you know what tape looks like) 

1. print the frame template found here (directions for the template are printed on the page)

2. Cut out the frame. You may want to use your first cut frame as a template for any additional frames. Make sure to cut on a surface that won’t get damaged. 

3. Using an exacto knife, carefully cut out the frame. You may want to go over your cuts twice or even three times to get a clean cut.

4. Once your frame is cut out, use sand paper (or a nail file) to carefully sand down the edges. 

5. Paint the edges of your your frame first and then the front of the frame. 

6. Once the paint has dried you may frame your motivational quote posters. This frame will have an 8×10 opening. The posters I used can be found here in my TPT shop or click the image below.  I laminated the posters first and then taped it to the back of the frame.  By using tape you can easily switch out the posters when you get tired of them. 

If you decide to try and make these frames I would love to see your work! Don’t forget to tag me in your posts. 



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