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Student Ownership; Decoding Strategies

If you’re like me you use those adorable reading decoding strategies in your class.  During our small group guided reading time I would show the students a strategy poster and we would talk about it. I would also point out how a strategy can help us read a word. That all seemed fine enough, but… Continue reading Student Ownership; Decoding Strategies

Math · Number of the Day

Hey, Hey, What’s the Number of the Day?

“Hey, hey, what’t the ‘Number of the Day?’ (student name)’s gonna pick the ‘Number of the Day!” That’s our little chant that we do in right after Calendar time and before our daily Math lesson. I came up with that little rhyme one day in class on the spot and it stuck!  Our “Job Master”… Continue reading Hey, Hey, What’s the Number of the Day?

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Penguin Cuties and a Freebie

  I have always said that Pandas are my favorite animal, but now I am starting to think that penguins may take over that first place.  Not only are penguins absolutely adorable, but there are so many great activities and lessons about penguins that students always love.  Although, I am still on Winter Break I… Continue reading Penguin Cuties and a Freebie


Purposeful Bulletin Boards; a Back to School Strategic Plan for your Boards

It’s that time of year again when borders, paper, staples, and glue guns are used in abundance. If you’re like me, you want your Bulletin Boards to be something pleasant to look at. You’ve probably already pinterested yourself to death looking for ways to spruce up your boards. The focus of this post however, is… Continue reading Purposeful Bulletin Boards; a Back to School Strategic Plan for your Boards


DIY Adorable Frames for the Classroom

It’s summertime, which for me means that I can actually accomplish some of those extra little things that I want done for my classroom. My goal this year is to try and make the classroom as light and bright as possible. One of the little projects I worked on was making some motivational posters for… Continue reading DIY Adorable Frames for the Classroom