Giant Paper Flowers

I’ve seen these beautiful giant paper flowers for a while now and I’ve been wanting to try them, but didn’t really have a reason to. Then again, who needs a reason to be crafty? Am I right? So I watched a couple tutorials, tweaked a couple things I saw, and BAM! I was hooked on making giant paper flowers. The first one I tried I used regular Astrobrights paper because I didn’t have any cardstock. After a couple days the regular paper did not hold the shape of the petals. So it’s necessary to use cardstock for your flower petals to hold their shape.

I started thinking of all the ways I could use these bold flowers to add some color and life to the classroom. Since I’m doing a tropical theme in my room this year I wanted my flowers to have a tropical feel to them, like a hibiscus. 

Here are some of the ways I used Giant Paper Flowers in my classroom:

Word Wall Heading; use a few flowers, leaves, and pompoms to create a border or focal point.


Use one flower and a couple pompoms to one corner of a board.
Writing Center Wall; use a couple flowers, pompoms, and leaves to each top corner of a bulletin board display.

I did a little tutorial on my Instagram story, but of course those disappear. However I saved my story and you can watch it here or click the link at the end of this post. You may want to watch the whole video first to give you an idea of the entire process and then go back to follow each step.

What you’ll need:

Cardstock; at least 12 pieces for the petals

Paper (or cardstock) for the center (2 or 3 pieces)

Hot glue and hot glue gun




  1. Cut out your templates to trace onto your cardstock.
  2. Trace your template and cut out 6 large, 6 medium, and 6 small sized petals. img_4182
  3. At the bottom (flat edge) of your petals cut about a two inch slot. ​​

  4. Starting from the top or curvy edge of the petals roll the petals from top to bottom to create a curve.
  5. Get your hot glue and your large petals ready. Glue the two flaps of the bottom of the petal by placing one flap slightly over the other.

  6. Now repeat the same process with your medium sized petals. But fold the slot a little more towards the other side than you did with the large petals.
  7. For the small petals bring one side of the slot all the way to the other side of the petal. ​​​

  8. Gather your large petals. Putting a little glue on the bottom edge of one petal glue two petals together at an angle. Continue to glue all six petals together. You are glueing all six petals to create a circle of petals. 
  9. Repeat the same step above for the medium and small size petals.
  10. Using a piece a cardstock, cut out a square or rectangle approximately 5″ x 5″. This piece will be used as a base to glue all of your petals together.
  11. Place a lot of glue on the square and glue your large petal circle to the square. Press firmly. 
  12. In the center of the large circle petal put more glue and then glue your medium petal circle. Press firmly. ​​​ Repeat the same process for the small circle petals.​​​
  13. Now for the center, or stamen; You can use different colored paper, either cardstock or regular weight paper. You will need 2 or 3 pieces.
  14. Fold the paper in half lengthwise. On on the folded edge cut slots almost to the bottom, but leaving about an inch from the bottom of the folded paper. Do this for all 3 pieces of paper (or two, if you decide to only use two).


  15. Put a little glue on the open side of the folded paper. Start rolling the lengthwise. You may want to put a little glue in the center of the paper as you roll.
  16. Taking the first rolled paper, you are going to take the second paper and roll it around the first. Repeat with the third paper.
  17. Cut flaps at the bottom of the rolled paper. This will be hard to cut through, but it doesn’t have to be perfect. you just need to have a couple flaps so that you can securely glue it in the center of the flower.


  18. Put glue in the center of the flower and on the bottom of the flaps you just cut and press it firmly down in the center of the flower.
  19. If your center is bunched up, use your fingers to push open the flaps and give it a fuller look.
  20. Optional: you may want to add leaves to your display. Use the leaf templates provided in the template. After you cut out your leaves, fold the leaves in half to give it more dimension and a fuller shape. You may want to use different shades of green for variety.

To watch the full tutorial from my IG story click below:

I hope this tutorial helped. If you have any questions please comment below. Also, I would love to see how you use Giant Paper Flowers in your classroom so tag me on IG or Facebook!


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