Red Carpet Readers

Our Red Carpet Readers event was a huge success! All of the students felt so special.  The purpose of this event is to celebrate their tremendous accomplishments in reading. This year we chose to celebrate  during Reading Across America week. What better way to end such a fun week of literacy than with a Red Carpet event? Of course this event took a bit of planning but with the help of Amazon Prime and some helpful volunteers it’s totally doable. Links to products purchased online will be included at the end of this post.


All of the students took a special ride around the school campus in a stretch limo. Upon exiting the limo they were introduced and then got to walk the Red Carpet. We also had a VIP backdrop (or “step and repeat” as I’ve learned it is called) for students to stop and have their pictures taken.

After their Red Carpet Walk we had a special presentation and Awards ceremony. Each student presented their favorite book and the reason they liked it.

Each student received a small trophy and Popcorn box full of Dr. Seuss goodies! We also played a “Popcorn Words” (Sight Word) raffle. Each student picked a word from a popcorn container and the parent who had the matching ticket got a special prize that they could give to their child later on.  Next year, we will probably revise this game a bit because not all parents attended the event and so it got a little tricky to make sure that each child got their special prize.

Following the awards ceremony we headed to the lunchroom for a special snack. All students decorated a “popcorn” cupcake with marshmallows. They also had popcorn and juice. 

Next to our snack table we had a photo station set up. Each student had a chance to stand against our special Red Carpet Marquee to have their picture taken. The marquee was made using poster board, star cutouts, printed out letters and yellow paper plates.

Click on any of the images below to purchase the items used. (Disclosure; I am not affiliated with any of the Amazon products listed below.)




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